27 July, 2009

What would a 6 year old drive?

This one is dedicated to Andy who asked me to draw him a "fast car."

24 July, 2009

Mean, green rally machine

This rally racer has a frog inspired suspension that harnesses energy from the bumps in the road.

22 July, 2009

Quick and dirty

Just the way I like it.
Time from start to finish: 48 min
# of paths used: 0

21 July, 2009

1st sketch w/ the new tablet

No more using the mouse!! I picked up a new intuos4 tablet and have yet to put it down.

19 July, 2009

Starting on a positive note

I just received my certificate for the dean's list in the mail for my 3.8 GPA this winter, although letter grades aren't as much of a priority anymore. I learned and improved A LOT more my first semester when I had a 2.8 GPA.